SHIELD | Active Shooter Response Training


Maximum Preparedness for an Active Shooter Event

Active shooters are individuals determined to open fire in confined spaces or populated areas. They can strike out in locations both public and private, and at any time of day or night.

It’s troubling to think about — a gunman loose at a school, church, movie theater, or nightclub — but having even basic comprehension of what to do and how to react is an advantage, quite possibly a lifesaving one.

Our aim at SHIELD is to train you to be as prepared as possible, with your response to an active shooter automatic, reflexive, and immediate, should the situation ever arise.

Establishing a Plan

The importance of having a plan in place for an active shooter situation cannot be understated. It is an instantaneous event, and training for it must reflect as much. Think of the survival skills we were all taught as children: stop, drop, and roll if your clothing catches fire, or finding a doorway to stand under the moment you feel an earthquake — these skills were internalized so that mental and physical reaction time is instantaneous.

In today’s world, the reality is that we should all be as prepared as possible in the event we find ourselves in an active shooter situation.

The SHIELD Program

Our program was developed by seasoned law enforcement professionals with active shooter experience, with the clear understanding that there will always be individuals motivated to get a gun and seek out soft targets.

SHIELD’s Active Shooter Response Training was constructed specifically to face this reality, mitigate risk, and assist you in saving lives, starting with your own.

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