The Real World

Reality is not a sport or exhibition. When violence erupts in the real world, you won’t be afforded any time to adjust your gi or tighten your sash, and you definitely do not get to pick your opponent. But you do have the ability to train your mind and body to have the most effective, combat-ready reflexes that deploy the instant a violent attack is initiated against you or your loved ones.

Choosing the SHIELD System

Our mission is to train anyone, regardless of age or ability, to become more aware of what real-world self-defense means, and then strengthen their mental and physical capabilities to aggressively defend themselves and the people they care about in a split second should a violent event occur.

Read on to discover the tactical differences between us and other schools or systems of self-defense.


Our training philosophy starts with this one word, both literally and figuratively. There are countless techniques being taught out there, with all kinds of styles and regimens and workouts, and they are often completely useless when combating street violence. You must train for real-world scenarios if you intend to be prepared to defend against them.


We teach a system that trains your body to harness primal response mechanisms the most effective way possible in the street, and this means immediate, hand-to-hand combat when your survival is on the line.


Calibrating self-defense skills on an instinctive, intuitive level is key: when confronted with street violence and aggression, your body is going to react one way or another automatically — why wouldn’t you train for the best possible outcome to occur, given a bad situation?

We’ve been teaching our system for over twenty years, and have meticulously refined our courses to teach the mind and body to adopt and internalize proven self-defense tactics that will become ingrained in your reflexive responses.


Our tactical strategy to engage an attacker is rooted in years of proven combat science, instilling in our students the defensive skills to fight like their life depended on it, because it very well might. Personal safety is prioritized, and this is the essence of what we do teaching the SHIELD System: Properly training you to defend yourself and your loved ones with drills that resemble exactly the scenarios you want to protect them from.

The SHIELD System | Self-Defense is Not a Sport